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Your Kindness Let a Monster In

by Spiral

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Notes for the Updated Edition:

Work for this album began in September 2011and Aaron realized that if we were quick it could be released on Halloween, which was an exciting prospect considering that this album is one of the darkest we had produced. To begin with this album was nothing more than a second thought, as explained in the original notes for the record (see below). Well, its haunting effect didn’t leave me after we released it. I kept listening and listening, feeling that something was lacking, finally I realized that it was time. This album wanted to be more than a quick thought between “Capital” and “The Traveler”, it wanted to be shown the same love we were giving the other two. So I started to work on it again. Luckily, our lead guitarist, Casey Mraz, had a break in his schedule and was able to come in and put guitar parts down for “Sticks and Stones” and “The Man Who Never Left”. Unfortunately, Casey’s busy schedule made it impossible for him to add guitar to the other two. It has also made it impossible for Casey to join Spiral as a full time member leaving us as a duo once more, but we’ll get along… We always do.

This is a record about secrets. Skeletons that lurk in the seemingly spotless closets of small towns like the one I grew up in. It’s about sickness and mental illness. But mostly, it’s about the things that go on silently all around us. This edition is a brand new monster. Half of the original songs are gone and the new ones have been expanded and changed. I think this record had finally received the love that it demanded from me. Now I can put it to rest and fly back out to space with my old friend Rip.

Chris Boat Jan 12, 2012

Notes to the first edition:

This seeds of this album were planted when Chris sat down with the “The Capital in Ruins” master tracks hoping to make a b-side for the single edit of the song “The Capital in Ruins”. He got stuck on one small part of the song, morphing it with effects and splicing until it became a completely different beast, which eventually became the b-side “Artifacts” on the single Ruins. He was happy and moved on, but this haunting trance like tune kept calling him back, so finally he asked Aaron if he was willing to take a detour from recording the follow up album to “The Capital in Ruins”, a sprawling progressive double album tentatively titled “The Traveler”, which continues the story of Rip, the main character in Ruins. Aaron was fine with it and jumped on board. Casey, Spiral’s lead guitarist was taking a small leave of absence to do some musical directing for a local play, so he is only featured on one track from this record.

Aaron and Chris began to expand on the song, recording new parts and following wherever the music led them. Soon they found themselves recording completely new tracks and dipping into the archives to find great musical moments from abandoned projects. The only thread that held the music together was its darkness. Halloween was coming up, so they decided to release the record as a Halloween album. Fans of “The Capital in Ruins” will find this to be an altogether different sound. Regular fans of Spiral will recognize elements of “The Death of Billy Jensen” and “machine” on this record.

So here it is in all its dark glory: Spiral’s holiday record. Enjoy and turn it up loud!


released October 31, 2011

Spiral is Chris Boat and Aaron Frale. “Artifacts of a Different Possibility” includes a guitar performance by Casey Mraz. Spiral would like to thank Jason Boat, Felicia Karas and Beau Dawson for all their suggestions concerning this record. Happy Halloween. Front cover illustration: “Little Red Riding Hood” by Gustave Doré. ©2011 All Rights Reserved




Spiral Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chris, Aaron, and Bill, the three constant members of Spiral are desert born. They played childish games amongst dunes and cacti and now, their music breathes sand.

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Track Name: Sticks and Stones (The Suicide Song)
Through the front door
past the rotting stairs
out the dark kitchen
and down near the basement door
She waits
at the bottom of the stairs.
And even though you know
she marks your end
you have to know.

Everything I own I built
Everything I use I made
Everything I own I took
Everything I see is mine
Everything I see is mine

And she’s waiting in an empty room
with her hair grown long and
her eyes gone dim.
And she amuses herself
with sticks and stones
while her clothes rot off in sheets.
And she’s waiting.
And she’s waiting.
For you to come home.

Everything I do means nothing
Everything I say is hollow
Everything I touch is worthless
Nothing I have is mine
Nothing I have is mine

Now you’re standing in an empty field
With your worthless life all torn to shreds
And your mind is emptied of filth
and filled with led
While your body bleeds out disease
And you’re sated
Now you’re sated
Track Name: Jenny Hurts Her Little Brother
Creaking stairs and whispered words,
the hiss of satin on skin,
mark her late night entrance.

Her cold hands search for warmth.
Her legs quiver.
And sometimes words are made of iron.
And they hold us like prison bars.

And every night you spent in my bed
is marked with a thin strand of silk
that you wrap around yourself
until you’re covered in a thick cocoon.

So I watch you night after night,
writhe and shudder beneath these
thin white threads.

Then you finally free yourself
and leave me behind.

But I know that every part of you is sacred.
Even your cast off remains.
So I stay here and watch your old cocoon
and remember all the times you used me to build it.

We don’t hear from you anymore Jenny.
Our parent’s won’t speak your name.
And I don’t think I’ll ever leave this place
while your memory holds me down.

Get off me Jenny.
Get off me Jenny.
Get off me Jenny.
But don’t leave me here alone.

Oh Jenny, I remember one Sunday morning,
when our drunken father sat ranting and raving. And you took my small hand in yours. And for one split second we were invincible.

Oh Jenny.
Oh Jenny, Don’t leave me here.
Don’t leave me now.
Track Name: Father Will Make a Liar of You
There’s a place
that you need to find
but when you do
it’s already too late.
Track Name: The Man Who Never Left
Now his mind is unstable
so he has to bolt his doors
and his heart is thrown wide
so he has to stay inside.
And he remembers every quiet touch
he ever brushed away.
And he remembers every kind word
anyone ever spoke.
And slowly
day after day
he begins to hate who he was.

So he’s cutting up memories
and pasting them on bare walls.
And every picture is empty.
And his mind empties with them.

And his heart fills, drop by drop
as he relives an under-appreciated life.

And he’s breaking down walls
And tearing up fences
And breaking through windows
And ripping up floors
And his eyes are open
To every small change
And his heart it breaks
With every new crash
But he’s freeing himself
From his own chains
And digging out
Of this prison he’s made
And maybe when he’s out
He can turn back around
And start to rebuild

Seal up the walls,
lock yourself in,
there’s only fear outside.

Now there’s a man in the window
that follows you with his eyes.
And his yard is overgrown
and his fence is knocked down.
And ever since you can remember
you’ve been told to stay away
from the man who never leaves.
Track Name: Your Kindness Let a Monster In
His eyes are sunk in shadowed brows
and his bony fingers curl around dirty bottles.
His lips are cracked and bleeding
and his clothes smell of rotting life.

And he’s holding tight to a memory
Of a young girl’s caress.
And everyone said it was a mistake
but he knows she was meant to be his.

And when he bangs loudly on the screen
you eye him suspiciously from the kitchen.
Until he holds out his old broken claws
and grabs you by the pity.

Now every step you took is etched in my memory.
You told me to make him a sandwich and opened the door.
But he didn’t want our food.
Maybe he thought you were her.
The girl that had touched him so tenderly.