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Beyond the edge of Time

from by Spiral

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Beyond the Edge of Time

In a city as old as time,
beneath layers miles deep,
a young man slaves away
fueled by great ideas.

And even though he’s scared,
he uses himself to test
his small machines capable
of granting life

And he can feel the change as he is reborn,
cell by cell and thought by thought.

Do you want to live forever?
Do you want to see what lies
beyond the edge of time?
Shed this mortal coil and let me
show you the way to eternity.
your life is shadowed with fear.
mortality is a veil that we must destroy.
So close your eyes relax and come with me.

But the change is too fast,
the pain too intense
so he changes the mixture and
brings it to the people.

And he’s hailed as a hero.
The savior of the people
until they all
start to die.

But his own body,
filled with a different mixture,
merely sleeps.
Waiting for the world
to be safe once more.


from Ruins, released August 7, 2017




Spiral Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chris, Aaron, and Bill, the three constant members of Spiral are desert born. They played childish games amongst dunes and cacti and now, their music breathes sand.

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